The New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa replaced the original Long Term Business Visa in March 2014, which is for people who want to do business in New Zealand. A person who holds an Entrepreneur Work Visa and has been in business for two years can apply for a corporate home stay visa. The entrepreneurial work visa is a three-year work visa, awarded in two installments, with a first 12-month work visa, which can be extended to a total of three years after the start of business.


Application Conditions

1. Management experience:
A) Shareholders: 3 years of management experience (holding 25% share or more), of which nearly one year has relevant experience (product related or industry related)
B) Executives: 5 years of management experience (deputy general or above or core business unit supervisor, above the tertiary structure), including nearly one year of relevant experience (product related or industry related)
2. Meet basic English requirements (IELTS average 4 points)
3. Invest in 100,000 New Zealand dollars and explain the legal source
4. Comprehensive scores meet 120 points
5. No commercial fraud or financial violations;



The application process is 6 steps in a period of 9-12 months.

STEP1 data production:
Prepare and make materials
STEP2 submission materials
Submitted to the New Zealand Immigration Service
STEP3 audit data
Immigration Bureau reviews customer information and issues 12-month work visa
STEP4 application for visa
Apply for a work visa to apply for a 24-month work visa within 12 months of New Zealand investment and entrepreneurship
STEP5 application for residency
Successfully start a business for 2 years to apply for residency
STEP6 applies for permanent residence
After applying for residency for 2 years to apply for permanent residency

Overall cycle: 6-9 months for work ID, 2 and a half to 3 years for residency, 4 and a half to 5 years for permanent residency