New Zealand’s primary and secondary education, in addition to the teaching of basic courses, focuses mainly on students’ comprehensive abilities, not only focusing on achievements, but also on the cultivation of children’s creativity and practical skills.

New Zealand’s primary school enrollment age is generally five years old, a total of six school years (Year1 – Year6). New Zealand’s junior middle school is totally different from China’s. New Zealand’s junior middle school is only for two school years (Year7-Year8). New Zealand’s junior middle school enrollment age is generally 11 years old. Regarding to international students enrollment, according the actual age, will be allocated by the school.

Students aged 5-9 can attend Primary School in New Zealand.
Students aged 10-12 can attend Intermediate School in New Zealand.
Students aged 13-18 can attend Grammar School or College in New Zealand.

Asset requirements: more than 400,000-time deposits
Management cycle: 4-6 months
Project characteristics: low threshold to attend local famous schools

Requirements for Studying Abroad in New Zealand Primary and Secondary Schools

1. 5 – 18-year-old students (students under 12 years old must be accompanied by their parents)
2. Parents provide a financial guarantee not less than 400,000 RMB (6 months deposit, can be withdrawn after processing visa)
3. Students should provide transcripts for the past two years.


Decile Score

New Zealand’s educational resources are very balanced, with little difference between urban and rural areas and between rich and poor. Each school has its own characteristics. It is not classified as provincial and municipal standards in China. That is to say, primary schools are not classified. At present, the commonly used reference is the Decile score. This score is based on the income of the students’ families. The lowest score is 1 and the highest is 10. The higher the family income, the higher the score. Because family income and education investment are related, it can be used as a reference for the comprehensive environment of schools. The total number of schools in the country is 10%, so it can be said that 10 is the top primary school in New Zealand.


Public primary school recommendation

Cornwall Park District School

Cornwall Park School is a mature learning center dedicated to providing an innovative and inclusive environment for children to develop the personality they need to succeed.

Their learning tendency encourages children to believe in themselves with a growing mind. They provide a platform for children and employees to try new things, move forward in times of difficulty, know when to ask for help, learn from mistakes, build good support networks, and work together.

Decile Score: 9

Location: 193 Green Ln W, Greenlane, Auckland 1051, Central Auckland

Term date: Four semesters each year, January, April, July and October, respectively.

Greenhithe School

Greenhithe Primary School is located on the north shore of Auckland, one of the best areas in Auckland. As a school, they offer many learning opportunities for our students. Children have experienced a range of activities including dance, physical activity, singing, drama, art, science, financial knowledge, and learning literacy, mathematics and inquiry learning skills that will help our children become confident lifelong learners.

At Greenhithe School, international students are welcome to join them. The school ensure that students are provided with the best education and that they are cared for and supported during their stay in New Zealand. Friendly, talented teachers will offer effective and enjoyable classes and provides each individual with full personal attention. Providing students with a comfortable, well-equipped learning environment in a beautiful and tranquil environment. The distance to downtown Auckland is less than 20 minutes..

With New Zealand children communicating in and out of the classroom, you will have fun, learn faster, and build good friendships. In addition, students can improve their English through a variety of sports and extracurricular activities. It is not only a place to learn English, but also an experience that cannot be bought.

Decile Score: 10

Location: Located on Isobel Road, Greenhithe, Auckland 0632

Term date: Four semesters per year, January, April, July, October

Hobsonville Point Primary School

The Hobsonville area is in the west of Auckland’s North Shore and was previously part of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. However, as Auckland’s urban planning continues to evolve, Hobsonville Point next to Hobsonville has been listed as a key development area in Auckland. Hobsonville Point Primary School can accommodate 700-800 students. The school adopts the most advanced teaching concept and is equipped with a large number of excellent teaching staff. Students who study at school will be inspired by their innovative thinking, so that each student can achieve his or her own ideals and higher goals.

Hobsonville Point Primary School, designed and built to the standards of a world-class school, hopes to equip students with the power and knowledge, skills and tools to succeed in a fast-paced world, offers courses in grades 1-8. The school is student-centered and has a state-of-the-art learning environment that meets the needs of learners in the 21st century. The school’s goal is to innovate, engage and inspire so that all students can achieve personal and academic success.

Decile Score: 10

Location: Hobsonville Point Road, 18 De Havilland Rd, Hobsonville, Auckland

Term date: Four semesters per year, January, April, July, October


Private primary and secondary schools

(The following schools also include primary and secondary school curricula)

ACG Parnell College

ACG Parnell College was formally established in 1998 and was the first private junior high school in New Zealand at the time. After 10 years of development, Parnell School has developed into a high-level, self-directed school that includes students at Parnell Primary School, Junior High School and High School. The school offers a wide range of courses that enable students to develop and have a multi-faceted, multi-faceted vision and the ability to compete at a higher level of academic excellence.

All students in grades 11-13 will study the Cambridge International High School Diploma courses. International students who have not yet reached the basic entry requirements for academic and English proficiency, Parnell School has carefully arranged a 2-3 semester international preparation course to enable them to overcome the transition period by systematically training their English and some professional courses. The incompatibility experienced and the smooth entry into the mainstream curriculum.

The school’s restaurant offers students a variety of healthy and tasty meals. ACG Parnell students can use a variety of sports equipment around the campus, including the Parnell Tennis Club, the Olympic Swimming Pool, and the Ballpark in Domain Park. The school offers students a variety of sports, including basketball, cricket, trail running, water polo, football, basketball and tennis.

Decile Score: 10

Location: 2 Titoki St, Parnell, Auckland

Term date: Four semesters per year, January, April, July, October

Kristin School

Founded in 1973, Kristin School is located on the north shore of Auckland. The climate is pleasant and the environment is comfortable and beautiful. The safe environment provides a superior learning environment for children to participate in learning and living. In addition, the outstanding achievements of the school are artistic performances such as dance, drama and music.

At Kristin School, education is a good combination of school and family. They work together to ensure that children become more confident, compassionate and more capable to be citizens of the 21st century. Kristin School’s facilities are very distinctive. There is a large auditorium. It is a special style place for school. It can accommodate 1097 people and has advanced audio and lighting equipment. Here, there is two full-time staff for the busy auditorium schedule.

At the same time, the school encourages each student to learn to develop and enhance their talents, and to continue to support them in an environment full of care and care. In addition, the school values the relationship between the school and the parents, and the school encourages families to become part of the school community.

Decile Score: 10

Location: 360 Albany Hwy, Albany, Auckland

Term date: Four semesters per year, February, May, July, October

Pinehurst School

The school was completed in 1991, is located in Albany, the north shore. To create a “dream school” for their children, a group of parents gathered to build Pinehurst School in Albany. As time went by, it has now become a well-known private school, and the number of students has soared from 34 in the year to more than 750. Today, Pinehurst School’s curriculum covers Year 1 to Year 13.

Pinehurst School offers the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in Years 1-13. Since taking the Cambridge International Examinations in 2002, the school has been working with Cambridge University for a long time to learn how to teach this progressive curriculum. Students have excellent academic performance and receive the highest honors in New Zealand and global exams.

Pinehurst School is a mixed school for girls and boys. It has exchange programs with many schools around the world and regularly accepts international exchange students. The school has always followed a step-by-step approach to education and maintained a unique spirit of innovation. The school is a non-religious mixed school for men and women. The school adopts CIE System and small class teaching. In order to enable students to better enjoy educational resources and services, the school has set a maximum of 850 students. The school will maintain a good interaction with students and parents, and provide individual counseling to each student to maximize their potential. The school values ​​students’ ways of thinking, encourages students to set high standards of integrity, and develops a spirit of cooperation, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Decile Score: 10

Location: 75 Bush Rd, Albany, Auckland

Term date: Four semesters per year, January, April, July, October


Public Secondary School

Auckland Grammar School(男校)

The Auckland Grammar School is a leader in public boys’ schools. Founded in 1869, AGS is a top men’s high school dedicated to developing students’ academic, sports and artistic potential. The outstanding performance of the students has made the school a leader in the national secondary school rankings.

The main building of the school is very Spanish-style evangelistic style, built in 1916. The campus stretches over 16 hectares and has a fully equipped concert hall for students, 3 gymnasiums, a heated swimming pool, a squash court and rugby, football and cricket pitches. In addition, the school has a well-equipped music auditorium, library, information center, industrial technology building and information technology laboratory.

The school is committed to attracting and retaining outstanding teachers with generous treatment and rewards. The combination of traditional concepts and modern methods of teaching has enabled AGS to train a large number of scholarships from Oxford University and Cambridge University. AGS offers courses that not only allow students to take part in New Zealand’s nationwide NCEA exam, but also give them the opportunity to participate in the world-class Cambridge exam system. The school has a large number of graduates studying at world-renowned universities such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, Harvard University, Yale University, Duke University, New York University and Stanford University.

Decile Score: 9

Location: 55-87 Mountain Rd, Epsom

Term date: Four semesters per year, January, April, July, October

Epsom Girls Grammar School(女校)公立

Founded in 1917, Epsom Girls Grammar School is one of New Zealand’s largest girls’ schools, located in the Epsom of Auckland, a 15-minute drive from the city centre. The school’s teaching level is among the highest in the country. In the latest Auckland Middle School rankings in 2017, the NCEA pass rate and university compliance rate of Epsom Girls Grammar School remained at Top 5, maintaining good performance over the years.

The Epsom Girls Grammar School campus is equipped with a variety of facilities, including 114 teaching spaces, a library of over 16,000 books, a Friedman Art Center, a sports center, and 11 state-of-the-art information technology laboratories. The latest modern heated swimming pool, a large auditorium, water sports center, large student canteen and stationery store.

Epsom Girls Grammar School focuses on cultivating students’ love, self-confidence and curiosity, allowing students to learn to encourage themselves and self-review, develop independent ideas and personality, and cultivate a large number of women in all walks of life in New Zealand. New Zealand’s 37th Prime Minister Helen Clark graduated here.

Decile Score: 9

Location: Silver Rd, Epsom, Auckland

Term date: Four semesters per year, January, April, July, October

Hobsonville Point Secondary School(公立)

Hobsonville Point Secondary School is a state coeducational middle school located in Hobsonville, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Opened in February 2014, it is the second public-private partnership in New Zealand, where the school building is built, maintained and managed by a private consortium and school management.

Hobsonville Point Secondary School l is equipped with the most modern and state-of-the-art network infrastructure. The school offers high-tech technology to meet the specific needs of the course, such as digital technology, design, technical media and music. The Schools have a high level of trust and openness in the use of e-learning and informational hormones. All students will complete a course that will help students reward positive and positive digital views and teach students how to use digital technology efficiently, safely and responsibly.

At Hobsonville Point Secondary School students can choose the path that best suits their learning needs. All study programs are like students preparing and providing opportunities to qualify for NCEA, which is a stepping stone to college progression, entry into factories, and other employment opportunities. The NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) is a national certification system for students in New Zealand. The system is internationally certified to a maximum of three levels. The NCEA’s core requirements are literacy and numeracy, and future-oriented literacy is the top priority of our school curriculum. The students of the school can reach at least the second-level higher level, and more students get the third-level level through their own efforts and are accepted by world-renowned universities.

Decile Score: 10

Location: 70 Hobsonville Point Rd, Hobsonville

Term date: Four semesters per year, January, April, July, October