New Zealand undergraduate general school system for 3 years, including liberal arts, business, design, nursing and other majors; some professional academic system for 4 years, including engineering, law and other majors. Postgraduate education is generally 1-2 years, recognized by China and New Zealand NZQA. After graduation, technical immigrants can be exempted from the requirements of IELTS 6.5. Level8 academic qualifications can be awarded 60 points, and Level9 academic qualifications can receive 80 points.

Eight national universities in New Zealand, namely the top eight universities of the University of New Zealand, offer undergraduate courses. In addition, all 20 New Zealand Institute of Technology, in addition to opening college and government courses, also offers a number of professional undergraduate courses, and even master’s programs, become an excellent choice for the University of New Zealand to study undergraduate.


Application conditions

New Zealand University Study Abroad Application Requirements:

Language Requirements

Apply for undergraduate courses in New Zealand universities. The general English requirements are IELTS 6.0, such as business, liberal arts, engineering, architecture, and natural sciences. Some professional IELTS scores are slightly higher, such as nursing (IELTS score 6.5), education (IELTS scores 7 points) and so on.

If you meet the appropriate IELTS requirements, you can go directly to the undergraduate course; if you do not meet the IELTS requirements, you can go to the language school to attain the language course. After meeting certain requirements, you can enter the undergraduate level.

Professional Course Requirements

In the preparatory courses offered by New Zealand universities, some schools require students for higher than 80 points in high school grades;

Studying undergraduate courses offered by New Zealand universities, some schools require outstanding grades or high school graduates and study in a regular Chinese university for one year or with excellent results;

Studying for a master’s degree program offered by a New Zealand university, some schools require students to have an undergraduate degree of 75 or more.


University ranking

New Zealand University QS Rankings in 2018

1. The University of Auckland – 82nd in the world
Located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand, the University of Auckland is ranked in the top 50 in the QS World University Rankings, offering more than 30 undergraduate degrees and more than 130 graduate degree programs.
2. The University of Otago, University of Otago – World No. 151
The University of Otago is located in Dunedin, New Zealand’s ecological capital, and is known as New Zealand’s oldest university. In addition to Dunedin, it has a medical and health science campus in Christchurch and Wellington.
3. University of Canterbury, Canterbury University – World No. 214
Founded by Oxford University and Cambridge University scholars, the University of Canterbury is located in Christchurch and enjoys a high reputation in teaching and research.
4. Victoria University of Wellington, Victoria University of Wellington – World No. 219
Located in Wellington, New Zealand, Victoria University of Wellington offers more than 220 postgraduate programs and ranks first in New Zealand.
5. University of Waikato, Waikato University – World No. 292
The University of Waikato is located in Hamilton, New Zealand and currently has more than 12,000 students, including nearly one-sixth of international students.
6, Massey University, Massey University – World No. 316
Located in the heart of New Zealand, Massey University’s three campuses are located in Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington, and are characterized by research-oriented teaching and research training.
7. Lincoln University (New Zealand) – World No. 319
Lincoln University (New Zealand) is committed to research and education in the three major areas of agriculture and life sciences, business and environment, society and design, and its practical teaching has always been favored by employers.
8, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Auckland University of Technology – ranks 441-450 in the world
AUT is located in Auckland, New Zealand, and its business school ranks among the top TOP4% in the world and is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing universities.