From May 8th, 2017, Immigration New Zealand will be able to issue a five-year multiple-entry visa to Chinese citizens who travel to New Zealand for business and business activities. The application fees in New Zealand rose to 211 NZD. Each visit to New Zealand will stay for 1-3 months, the total stay time in 18 month cannot exceed 9 months. Applicable to those who want to travel to New Zealand, the postgraduate group transfer tourist visa to student visa, the group that visited New Zealand in advance whose travel is short, the official only needs 18 working days to issue this kind of visa.


Application conditions

1. The applicant holds a valid passport for Chinese citizens (valid for at least 5 years, if the validity period is less than five years, the visa period will be shorter);
2. The applicant’s travel fund certificate of 50,000 RMB per person;
3. Minor children (age 19 and under) can accompany you;
4. have a stable job, income stream of at least 5,000 yuan / month or more, the applicant can provide income source documents (for example: tax, social security, work certification letter, wages, etc.)


Application process

The application process has 5 steps and the period is 2-4 weeks.
STEP 1 Signing contract with Phospherus Group Ltd
STEP 2 Collecting Customer Information
STEP 3 Help customers create copywriting
STEP 4 Submit visa application online
STEP 5 Issue visa successfully