The New Zealand Silver Fern Visa Policy is a new policy introduced by the New Zealand Immigration Service since 2010. New Zealand launched this policy with the main purpose of attracting highly skilled young people from all over the world to work and settle in New Zealand, so that they can contribute to the economic construction and social development.

According to the support of this policy, applicants who have entered the silver fern visa can directly find technical work (any one among 672 immigrants work or twice the hourly salary of the average national income). Then you can obtaining the right of abode in New Zealand

The launch of this program is equivalent to opening up a brand new immigration shortcut to New Zealand, the form of which ultimately works as a guarantee for immigrants. In one sentence, the summary: After the applicant enters New Zealand, he can find a job and sign a work contract with the employer, so that he can successfully obtain the permanent residency of New Zealand.


Application conditions

1. The person at the time of application is outside New Zealand;
2. The age limit is 20 to 35 years old (including 35 years old);
3. Hold a recognized bachelor’s degree (or higher) or Technicians and Trades Workers with no degree but a profession in the designated industry (s) and have at least two years of relevant work experience;
4. The same level of English IELTS 6.5 (no single subject requirement);
5. At least $4200NZD (approximately RMB 20,000) of available funds are used as basic living expenses;
6. Good health, you need to have a physical examination at a designated medical examination hospital and report a specific examination;
7. No crimes, no evidence of criminal record provided by the police station and the notary office;
8. If you are a professional in New Zealand who needs to register a profession, you need to obtain the relevant registration qualification in New Zealand;
9. Have not applied for a Silver Fern Work Visa before;


Application process

Obtaining New Zealand’s immigration status through a silver fern work visa is divided into two phases.

The first stage applies for the New Zealand Silver Fern Job Search Visa (Silver Fern Job Work Visa)
To apply for a Silver Fern Job Visa, there are two basic conditions for operation:
1. Limits on the quota
The New Zealand Immigration Service is globally available with only 300 places per year for applicants to apply, and one person can only apply once in a lifetime.
2. Requirements for applying for qualifications
The Silver Fern Job Visa is a direct policy immigration policy, so most of the application conditions follow the requirements of skilled immigrants, but are much lower than the technical immigration application requirements.

The second stage applies for the New Zealand Silver Fern Practice Visa and PR (Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa)
After you have entered New Zealand and successfully found a job, you can apply for the Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa, which is a 2-year work visa. The role is to provide applicants a way with a permanent application. Because some people may not be able to meet the conditions for applying for residence after they have found a job, these two years can allow the applicant to have time to accumulate relevant qualifications and meet the settlement requirements of the Immigration Department.

There are also conditions for applying for a New Zealand Silver Fern Practice Experience visa, which is basically equivalent to the skill attribute requirement for a job when the job offer is added in the technical immigration application. Simply, if you are engaged in a technical job, the position should be in the SOL list (672 immigrant occupation); if the occupation is not in the SOL list, but your hourly salary reaches the median national income 2 times, can also be counted as skilled employment.