New Zealand has implemented a new parent-oriented group migration immigration policy since 2013, that is, after obtaining New Zealand citizenship or permanent resident status, applying for New Zealand’s resident status for their parents with the reason of family reunion. At present, the New Zealand Immigration Bureau divides the parent group cluster into two categories: the priority class and the ordinary class. It is also called the Tier One and the Tier Two family reunion. If your family’s total assets are unable to support priority group reunion for parents, then you will need to spend more time waiting in line.

This policy applies to parents who have settled together with adulthood child in New Zealand. The key points of the policy are:
1. The eligibility of the child’s guarantee;
2. The center of gravity of the family

1. If a child who has settled in New Zealand meets the following criteria, it will qualify for a family reunion immigration guarantee for the parents:
1) aged 17 or over; and
2) 184 days of residence in New Zealand each year for three years after obtaining permanent residency in New Zealand;

At the same time, the guarantor needs to legally guarantee the applicant’s life guarantee within 2 years of obtaining the right of abode in New Zealand.

2. Children in a family may include adult children and minor children. The specific criteria for measuring the focus of life are as follows:
1) If a parent has only an adult child, the number of children who are legally and permanently living in NZ should be greater than or equal to the number of children who are legally and permanently living in any country, including their home country (this policy applies to parents still Adult children live in the home country; or all their children live legally and permanently abroad, such as two of the three children have a US green card (or have legally lived in the United States for 10 years or more) and the other child has NZPR and meets Under the terms of the guarantee, the parents can choose to settle in NZ without having to go to the United States.
2) If a parent has a minor child, the number of adult children who are legally and permanently living in NZ should be greater than or equal to the number of adult children in any country, and the number of their minor children must be equal to or less than their legal number. The number of adult children who live permanently in NZ.


Material List

During the application process, the New Zealand Guarantor needs to live steadily in New Zealand. If the applicant is in New Zealand waiting for the results of the assessment, it is necessary to ensure that a valid visa is maintained during the application review process.

List of materials:
1. Valid passport
2. Immigration application form;
3. passport photo;
4. Physical examination. Applicants in China must be completed at the designated hospital of the Immigration Bureau. The medical examination is valid for 3 months;
5. No criminal record notarization and no criminal proof, this document is valid for 6 months;
6. Birth certificate;
7. Notarization of relatives;
8. New Zealand guarantor passport copy
9. New Zealand guarantor’s guarantee form
10. Marriage certificate
11. Application fee



New Zealand family reunion immigration New Deal

On May 30, 2018, the Immigration Service announced that it will raise the harder income requirements for applicants from July 1, 2018: For a class of parents to reunite immigrants, parents need to ensure that the minimum annual income is at least $28,166 for single people for each year or at least $41,494 for two

In addition, compared with previous years, the quotas for family reunion immigration have been greatly reduced. According to the New Zealand Immigration official website, in 2014-2016, a total of 11,000 applications for parental group migration were approved. In 2016-2018, there are only 4,000 family reunion immigration quotas, which means 2,000 per year. In the near future, this number may be further reduced. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult for parents to reunion immigrants.

In summary, the current reunion of parents is still closed, but potential applicants should wait patiently and continue to pay attention to the update of the policy. Once the New Zealand immigration re-opened the family reunion immigration, it should be handled as soon as possible, and don’t miss the opportunity.