or international students who want to study in New Zealand for primary and secondary school or advanced study (pre-university/undergraduate/postgraduate), they need to hold a New Zealand student visa. The effective duration of a younger study visa is usually one year, need to renewal when due; Study abroad for advanced study is consistent with the length of the application for a professional course. Applicable to those who have obtained a New Zealand school admission letter and want to solve the student visa problems.


Application conditions

Those who apply for formal courses must have English scores;
No English requirement for applicants for language courses;
Ability to pay all fees for studying in New Zealand;
Have certain economic strength and can provide proof of bank deposit certificate of more than 400,000 RMB and can give a reasonable explanation of income from China or any other country;
Good health and no criminal record;


Application process

Signing –> Collecting information and making a copy –> Completion of medical examination –> Online submission