The New Zealand Foundation Year is a foundation course that helps Chinese high school finishes or high school graduates pass a year of English and related professional courses to successfully apply for a New Zealand undergraduate degree or other undergraduate studies in Australia, such as Australia.

The education of China and New Zealand is different. New Zealand students have completed 13 years of primary and secondary education before entering the undergraduate course (and Chinese graduates only completed 12 years). At the same time, New Zealand Middle School has already begun to contact relevant universities in the last two years. The above reasons make Chinese high school graduates not qualified to directly study undergraduate courses in New Zealand.

New Zealand University Foundation Program:
Common types are 8 months and 12 months. The start date is mainly concentrated in three periods, January and February, June and July, and September and October. If the student does not have an IELTS score, the school will assign you a language course (12-20 weeks) before the Foundation Year.


Introduction to the Foundation Studies in the university

Institution name Preparatory education institution Foundation admission requirements
University of Auckland Provided by ACG Education Group or Taylors College 1. Language: IELTS 5.5 (no less than 5.0 in a single subject); TOFEL 525.

2. On-going Senior 2 or 3 in high school

Otago University Provided by the foundation college under the Otago University. For the Senor 2 students, the average application score is 80 points, and Senor 3 needs the average score of 70 points. If you fail to meet the required requirements, you can finish a 5-week bridge course and then enter the preparatory course.
Massey University The foundation course at the main campus of North Parmerton is provided by the preparatory school of Massey University; the course in the Auckland Campus is provided by Taylors College. Complete Senor 2 or 3 courses, IELTS 5.0-6.0, Average grade more than 75%.
University of Waikato Provided by the Pre-School of the University of Waikato 16 years of age or older; excellent grades in full-time high school; IELTS no less than 5.5; or TOEFL no less than 490, or CBT (TOEFL computer test) 163 or more.
Victoria University Provided by the Pre-School e under the University of Wellington Victoria 1. Language: IELTS 5.5 (single subject is not less than 5.0); TOFEL 525

2. At least two and a half years of high school, with an average score of 70% or more

University  of Canterbury Provided by the pre-academy under the University of Canterbury. Students must have completed the Senior 3 courses with good grades (average of 80 points); or excellent grade in Senor 2 (except for language, English, and politics, at least 3 subjects for more than 85%).
Lincoln University Provided by the Pre-School of Science at Lincoln University 1. Language: IELTS5.5; TOFEL500

2. High school graduates, good grades, 16 years of age.

Auckland University of Technology Provided by ACG Education Group or Taylors College China completed higher than two or high school graduation, IELTS 5.5 (4.5 points for 18 months)