We offer a tailor-made travel program in New Zealand that offers unparalleled personalized service to visitors. We are committed to providing a unique New Zealand holiday travel experience based on the different needs of visitors. Not only can we customize a private New Zealand holiday itinerary, but we can also handle all your booking needs. Thanks to our regular New Zealand tourism projects and related research and research, our company has accumulated extensive knowledge and rich experience in New Zealand tourism. Our aim is to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday trip; not only can you visit many beautiful sights, but you can also experience the charm of this beautiful country.

From Glacier to Rainforest; From Luxury Manor to Farm B&B; Jumping from a thousand feet to a starry sky. New Zealand has a wealth of tourism resources, whether it is high-end customization or mass customization. New Zealand is loved by tourists for its varied landscapes, rich outdoor activities and delicious food and wine. China is New Zealand’s second largest source of tourists. From July 2017 to July 2018, China’s visits to New Zealand have exceeded 448,000 passengers, a year-on-year increase of 11.9%. Non-competitive tourists are growing at a rapid rate, accounting for 40%, and customized tours are increasingly becoming the best way to experience and explore New Zealand.



  • Refuse to group meals, taste local cuisine, from small shops to Michelin
  • There is not only star-rated hotel, but also winery castle and farm, this is called the holiday
  • During travel, there is not only buses, you can also watching the sunset with the lover on the ferry
  • Walking while watching or challenging the limits, you can feel pure New Zealand

Custom Process

1. Free consultation
2. Design itinerary
3. Double confirm price
4. Scheduled implementation
5. Production of travel details
6. Travel protection


Popular Destination

``The Lord of the Rings`` vista in Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing National Park in central New Zealand’s North Island is a truly natural landscape: a mountainous desert dotted with three burning, volcanic volcanoes. The Tongariro Crossing Trail fully demonstrates the uniqueness of this national park. Visitors will walk through the trails at the foot of the two mountains, experience the volcanoes, approach the clear lake, and embark on the endless stretch of the central plateau. It is these unique features that make the Tongariro Crossing Trail the best single-day outdoor hiking destination in the world.

One of the wonders of Tongariro Alpine Crossing is the boiling mud pond. The hot yellow mud is like a pot of corn porridge that has just been smashed, thick and sweet. The kiwi bird can be seen everywhere in the park. It is the national bird of New Zealand and can be seen on New Zealand’s national emblem and coins. Unlike other birds, kiwis have long beaks but no wings and tails. Therefore, all its activities depend on licking, foraging, or supporting the body during rest. When it uses the long scorpion to help the legs rest on the rest of the body, like an old man holding a cane, it is funny, but more cute.

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is a relatively large geothermal park, the most famous of which is the Lady Knox Geyser geyser. The water column is 20-30 meters high and can be seen every day at 10 am on the highway. Wai-o-Tapu means “Holy Water” in Maori, and is one of Rotorua’s most famous geothermal areas.

The most famous in Wonderland is the beautiful Champagne Pool and the Lady Knox Geyser, which starts to spray water at 10:15 am every day. This geothermal fairyland is centered on the volcanic activity of the Taupo volcanic area. The 3-km long walking path guides you to interesting places, including the boiling and extremely high-end champagne pool, which is thick but always Boiling tumbling mud, mineral-rich hot springs, and Ms. Knox geyser, which will be mysteriously scheduled to spray water. Every day at 10:15 am, it energetically starts spraying water, often for 1 hour each time. The water column is up to 20 meters. In addition to walking along the walking trails to see all kinds of wonderful and magnificent natural scenery (please be careful not to walk into the area where the warning sign is placed to avoid danger).

Sky Tower

Sky Tower, you must not miss the sight of the visit. The Sky Tower looks like a huge syringe. In the evening, the beautiful lights reflect the feeling of the space age, and the lights will change during special festivals. The Sky Tower is 328 meters high and is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. It takes only 40 seconds to take the elevator to the observatory. The speed of the elevator can instantly let your heart touch the eyes of the blind; the look through the glass floor is absolutely spectacular. Additional repayments of NZ$3 can also be reached by air lift to the top. It is the best time in the evening: you can enjoy a drink while enjoying the sunset in the Sky Lounge.

It is integrated into other buildings to form the huge Sky City, home to New Zealand’s largest casino, ten restaurants and bars, 4- and 5-star hotels, theaters and many unique travel adventures. Activities, it also has a huge underground car park and an intercity bus terminal. The casino is a place frequented by Asians. There are all kinds of gambling in it. There is also a coffee bar, and there are often cultural performances. There are also Chinese cultural performances such as lion dances during the Spring Festival every year. Watching performance is free. After you go in, you can not gamble and just watch the show. To the casino you must be neat and tidy, otherwise you are not allowed to enter. For big gamblers, the casino has a VIP room, and there are special waiters to service you in and out.

Lake Taupo

Located on the heart of the North Island volcanic area, Lake Taupo is a world-famous fishing resort, New Zealand’s largest freshwater lake and home to the famous Huka Falls. Behind it is the Tangariro Snow Mountain. Lake Taupo is about the size of Singapore, and its crystal clear lakes in summer are like the quietest places in New Zealand. But don’t be fooled by its calm appearance, Lake Taupo is actually a volcanic lake. The huge volcanic eruption was so fierce that the top of the volcano was “blowed” away, and the volcanic ash even drifted into distant China.

This area is one of the last wild salmon hatcheries in the world and the largest salmon fishing centre in the world. You can ask the guide to take you to the rainbow or the palm squid and even learn the skills of flying fishing. As for the “harvest” of your hard work, many local restaurants or hotels are willing to help you cook.

One of New Zealand’s most popular attractions, Huka Fall is a great place to take pictures. The sound of water here is thunderous and magnificent. The amount of water poured from the top of the cliff is 220,000 liters per second. It is especially suitable for jet boating.

Other highlights include the Craters of the Moon, where you can see geysers, mud pools and steam vents that are only visible on the moon. All water activities can be found here, jet boating, paragliding, fishing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, yachting and seaplane tours are just a few of the many things to do.